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Home and professional karaoke setups currently offer little to no immersive experiences, are not personalized to the user’s skills and preferences, and do not provide effective feedback on the user’s singing performance. This disclosure describes techniques that employ multiple views and utilize artificial intelligence (AI) features to provide a personalized immersive interactive karaoke experience that users can enjoy at home. The multiple views facilitate enhanced immersion via virtual reality/ augmented reality (VR/AR) features, such as virtual backgrounds, props, costumes, immersive settings, etc., along with pertinent information, such as lyrics synchronized to the song audio. The multiple views can facilitate enhanced immersion via virtual reality/augmented reality (VR/AR) and motivate users to improve their singing technique and accuracy via AI-based coaching.Users or karaoke providers can create, customize, and manage the different synchronized views and VR/AR environments.

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Creative Commons License
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