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An interactive assistant, referred to herein as “an interactive assistant,” “a virtual assistant,” or simply “an assistant,” may be configured to select content based on various contextual information and to output such content to a user. For example, a user may engage in various different interactions with a computing system and/or with an interactive assistant over time (e.g., by performing certain actions, providing instructions, requesting select information, performing searches, or the like). Based on these interactions, the interactive assistant may identify and store contextual information associated with these interactions, such as, for instance, one or more of user behavior information, assistant behavior information, interaction information, user information, preference information, search history information, time information, location information, news information, or the like. The interactive assistant may utilize this historical contextual information to select, based on current context, particular content that may be relevant or of interest, and may present such content to the user (e.g., visually, audibly). In some cases, the interactive assistant may present such content to the user at appropriate times and/or locations based on the historical contextual information.

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Creative Commons License
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