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An interactive assistant computing system, referred to herein as “an interactive assistant,” “a virtual assistant,” “a computational assistant,” or simply an “assistant,” is described that stores and/or retrieves information related to items associated with particular days for a user such that the assistant can automatically retrieve one or more items associated with the current day (e.g., a local weather forecast, a current weather report, upcoming calendar items for the current day, current news stories, stock prices, indications of the day having personal importance, etc.) and provide a personalized report that includes the items specific to the current day. The assistant may also provide an audible indication of one or more of the items, such as an audible verbalization of a birthday wish to the user. This way, the assistant can present an improved, personalized indication of important aspects of the current day, eliminating the need for the user to access multiple different applications in order to access information regarding matters of the immediate future.

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Creative Commons License
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