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An interactive assistant computing system, referred to herein as “an interactive assistant,” “a virtual assistant,” “a computational assistant,” or simply an “assistant,” is described that, in addition to performing general task requests, will request information from a respective assistant on one or more other computing devices to provide additional information and/or tasks to the user of the interactive assistant. The interactive assistant in the main device may receive an indication of a request from a user to perform a particular task. The interactive assistant, in addition to performing the particular task, may send requests to a respective assistant on one or more other computing devices for context related to the particular task. The respective assistants may provide the context to the interactive assistant, which may utilize that context to provide additional information to the user. This way, the interactive assistant can provide additional information related to the requested task that would previously only be available if the user was interacting with the other computing devices instead of the device executing the interactive assistant.

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Creative Commons License
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