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With advancements in microLED display technology, it will soon be possible to make microLED-based screens in smaller sizes. Just as for their larger LED-based cousins, it should be possible to eliminate bezels, and in doing so allow large displays to be constructed from smaller tiles. In such systems there is a need to simplify setup for consumers and to make the configuration obvious to the user and available to the operating system. In addition, it may be necessary to disguise the joints between adjacent panels.

Accordingly, we propose a desktop computer monitor constructed by end-users from a set of Lego-like building blocks. The blocks allowing both flat and curved monitors, in both horizontal and vertical configurations, and which, through their construction, make the mapping between screen blocks and physical displays easy for users to understand and available to the operating system. We also consider the possibility of visible joints and propose techniques to minimize those.

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Creative Commons License
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