Online review mechanisms are provided in digital maps, shopping applications, review websites, etc. to enable users to provide and view feedback about entities. However, currently review mechanisms are susceptible to being gamed, since unverified reviews can be generated by users that did not visit a place and can include inaccurate or misleading information. This can harm the reputation of a business at that location and also erode user trust in the platform that hosts such reviews. This disclosure describes techniques to automatically identify place reviews that were provided by reviewers who actually visited the locations in question and provide a verification indicator for such reviews. The verification indicator can be provided in visual form, e.g., as a recognizable interface element, such as a symbol or badge. Location verification can be performed based on user-permitted location information such as real-time or historical location of the location and/or from photos or videos that are part of the review and that include location metadata.

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Creative Commons License
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