Described herein is a battery enclosure built using aluminum sheet parts and an assembly process that includes two-sided joining methods. In certain aspects, high strength 6xxx series aluminum alloy sheets may be used to build the battery enclosure. Components of the battery enclosure can include, but are not limited to, a lid, a frame, a tub, and an underride protection plate. In certain aspects, the aluminum sheet parts are assembled such that the frame is built into and around the tub of the battery enclosure using an assembly sequence that includes two-sided joining methods, such as self-piercing riveting (SPR) or resistance spot welding (RSW) with adhesive. The tub can function as a central building block around which the frame is built, rather than dropping the tub into a pre-assembled frame. In certain aspects, the battery enclosure can use high speed joining methods, such as, but not limited to, laser roll welding (LRW), SPR, RSW, and bonding (e.g., roll bonding, adhesive bonding, etc.), rather than MIG welding. Sealing can be implemented between two one-piece parts.

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Creative Commons License
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