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An interactive assistant, referred to herein as “an interactive assistant,” “a virtual assistant,” or simply “an assistant,” may be configured to dynamically adjust the playback of content (e.g., audible content output by the interactive assistant) in response to receiving a user command. Over the course of time, a user may engage in various different interactions with the assistant by submitting queries, performing searches, requesting select information, providing instructions, and the like. At any point in time, during playback of content provided by the interactive assistant, the user may issue a command to adjust the playback of such content. For example, the user may issue an audible command to instruct the interactive assistant to pause the playback of content, and may later issue a subsequent command to resume or continue playback of the content from the point at which playback was previously paused. As another example, the user may issue a command that causes the interactive assistant to skip over certain playback content or to repeat certain content that was previously output. In such fashion, and based on user feedback, the interactive assistant is capable of dynamically navigating to various points in a timeline of content that is played back to the user by the interactive assistant.

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Creative Commons License
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