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As AR and VR continue to gain traction many technologies such as IR passthrough in VR are becoming ubiquitous. However, there are no peripherals or notebooks that empower the user to do more in these spaces.

Imagine you’re are working with a team in Facebook Horizon Spaces. You are completely immersed in VR and cannot see anything outside the virtual space. In the virtual space you see a screen which is a copy of your notebook screen. And below that you see a IR pass through where you can see your keyboard. However, you cannot see the letters because the letters do no reflect IR. When you have a notebook without an external keyboard this is made even worse. Users must choose between security and productivity. However, we can have both. You can close your screen and have haptic touch keyboard on the back of the notebook display that is created using IR reflective paint. This allows you to see the keys and letters in the Headset but the rest of the world cannot see. This also greatly improves security to enable working in public spaces.

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Creative Commons License
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