Quick response (QR) codes are a popular way to initiate payment to a merchant via a digital payment app. Many merchants utilize speaker devices connected to a payment service to automatically receive audible confirmation of received payments. Merchants that display multiple QR codes may only have a subset of the codes linked to a speaker device. This disclosure describes the use of augmented reality techniques to automatically indicate the availability of a speaker device for a particular QR code such that customers can initiate payment with confidence that an audible confirmation will be delivered via an in-store speaker. Further, payment via QR codes can fail if the QR code is unreadable. This disclosure describes techniques to automatically detect merchant identity based on faded or otherwise unreadable QR codes and/or on merchant location and to display a valid QR code atop the camera field of view. The customer can perform a sound check to confirm the merchant identity and then initiate payment, allowing the merchant to receive payment even when the QR code is unreadable.

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Creative Commons License
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