A service provider can deploy a 5G mobile core network by enabling network slices in order to offer different services to end users. In a network slicing deployment, a user equipment (UE) can initiate a registration procedure with a given Access and Mobility Management Function (AMF), however, an initial AMF with which a given UE initiates registration may not support the network slice with which UE seeks to register such that the UE is to be redirected to an appropriate AMF that serves the network slice. As there can be many different type of network slices provided for a 5G mobile core network, there can be many complexities and operational challenge with respect to configuring 5G core network nodes, such as AMFs, to serve all network slices that may be deployed for a network; thus, AMF redirects are likely to occur in many deployments. Proposed herein are techniques to facilitate efficient redirection to an AMF that serves a requested network slice. Further, techniques proposed herein may prevent deadlock conditions for UEs attempting to access network services/slices.

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Creative Commons License
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