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  • This disclosure relates to the field of simulating sound per virtual position of the object in video or streaming, to enhance the audience audio experience in front of display (ex: NB’s LCD).
  • A system is disclosed that is one kind of above concept, immersive meeting room, to demonstrate and reflect how this concept works in meeting room solutions. .
  • Adjust Close/Far or Right/Left side speaker/headset’s EQ or volume to compensate audio in streaming, according to audio source location which is detected by AI’s computer vision to have immersive user experience, especially in meeting room or certain scenario that the video only offers 1 audio track or not enhanced feature on even multiple audio tracks.
  • Below Fig.1 and Fig.2 showed user scenario in meeting room. It describes a meeting room during conference all, target user is behind the camera. Fig.1 explains why audience behind camera might feel audio high or low on different speaker in meeting room. Fig.2 explains why sometimes the audio is high or low when speaker in meeting room is just walking around.

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Creative Commons License
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