The aspect of the present disclosure relates to a method 300 for mitigating the risk of quantum computing in EMV offline chip payments, The method 300 comprises creating 301, by a certificate authority 107, the lifespan of issuer and payment system 103 keys of a predetermined time period and creating 303, by a payment system 103, Integrated Circuit Card (ICC) certificate and issuer certificate The method 300 also includes generating 305, by a payment system 103 for each issuer, a periodic personalization file for each card to be issued for the predetermined time period and transmitting 307, by the ICC, to the payment terminal 105 upon resetting the communication wherein the ICC is a limited time public key. Lastly, the method 300 includes updating 309, by the payment system 103 ICC records containing future keys and certificates via issuer script processing and loading new certificates on the ICC.

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Creative Commons License
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