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Idea Thinking:

  • To enhance the experience of NB user interface & product value adding.
  • The K-lock hole is permanent exist and used to specific locations, such as Stores, exhibition, and high security Lab’s PC locked on desk.
  • We review the NB IO port usage status and found K-lock hole occupied but useless in end user. Our team decide to redefine the k-lock hole to give addition value. We don’t remove k-lock feature, instead add an optional USBC port to laptop. K-lock hole will show up when you need it. (K-lock as known as Kensington Lock)
  • Default port show up is USBC port (or K-lock). If you need K-lock (or USBC), shift a trigger then IO become K-lock (or USBC) in mechanism, either one.

Creative Commons License

Creative Commons License
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