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This technical disclosure features performing localized segregation of particles in a powder bed of uniform thickness on a rigid substrate. Localized segregation at a region of the powder bed is achieved by particle fluidization induced by a gas flow directed radially outward from the gap between the substrate and the source. For gas flows with small velocity, fluidization can be induced with assistance from soundwaves directed toward the powder bed. Parameters controlling the segregation effectiveness and patterns of segregated particles include gas flow rate, powder bed thickness, powder composition, and translational velocity of the gas source. This technical disclosure provides a reference for powder-based additive manufacturing applications. Size segregation of particles is commonly required in ore dressing, grain drying, pharmaceutical processing and additive manufacturing. In additive manufacturing, size segregation of particles is crucial in either improving the printing quality or modulating the mechanical properties of manufactured parts. Existing solutions for particle segregation are mostly applicable for bulk powder. However, size segregation aiming towards site-specific placement of reinforcements, i.e., particles of a certain size, within complex materials are in high demand. Currently, there is no technique available for localized segregation within the bulk matrix in powder-based additive manufacturing applications.

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