A system can determine correlations between user moods and user activities performed with devices, and can provide advice affecting user moods based on such correlations. For example, the system records moods of a user, such as by requesting that the user input his or her current moods periodically to devices. The system also determines and records activities and conditions that are engaged in by the user over time, based on the user's usage of devices for physical and online activity and based on detection of user activity using devices and device data. The system correlates moods of the user to activities based on which activities were performed by the user close in time (or otherwise connected) to particular moods, and/or by correlating and finding patterns of moods resulting from particular activities. The system can present the correlation information to the user as well as offer advice based on the correlations as to how to better attain more positive moods by changing the user's activities.

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Creative Commons License
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