Store navigation queries can often be broad in nature, with user intent ranging from navigational (getting directions to the store or a link to the store website) to evaluating a store for a visit based on store vibe, inventory selection, product availability, etc. Search results for a local store can be unhelpful if the inventory for the store is unavailable to the search engine. This disclosure describes techniques that reduce or eliminate hurdles in online shopping journeys by displaying product categories and alternative stores that are relevant to a user query. The techniques enable users to continue or start their research in a product category or to find offers for specific products. Low engagement users that primarily issue navigational queries can be converted to potentially paying customers by providing search results based on categorical queries and that introduce the users to different product verticals. Providing such additional content can encourage user exploration to determine the product, price point, and delivery/pick-up option best suited for them, and help prevent the shopping journey from reaching a premature dead-end. The techniques enable local stores to surface products to potential customers and compete for customer acquisition effectively.

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Creative Commons License
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