Heatmap visualizers traditionally rely on the assembly of a complete dataset prior to the creation of a heatmap. However, acquiring the complete dataset can be impractical when dealing with dynamic, ad-hoc, or diverse data sources. This disclosure describes techniques of building heatmaps using S2 cell-mapping, where interconnected cells overlay a globe in a hierarchical structure. The techniques involve identifying cells visible to a user; retrieving raw data pertaining to the identified cells; and constructing a heatmap layer by layer. The layers form a heatmap pyramid, with each level summarizing the data below it. At any time, data relevant to the cell hierarchy within a user’s present viewport is pulled from raw sources and cached but visualized as though available in its entirety. A user experience similar to that of a heatmap developed from a complete dataset can be achieved at a much lower computationally complexity.

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Creative Commons License
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