Telemetry can be added to measure the function of application and device features. As feature stability increases, telemetry becomes less necessary. However, ramping down telemetry requires engineering effort and not all devices may receive configuration updates to reduce telemetry. This disclosure describes techniques that enable software or hardware developers to specify a log-sampling curve that automatically ramps down telemetry over time. The techniques enable developers to obtain telemetry data in a manner that optimizes data consumption and footprint. The techniques advantageously result in a long-term reduction in the volume of telemetry data without an abrupt drop-off in such data. Close to a step-down, developers can be informed of an upcoming change in the rate of telemetered data transmission, preventing concerns arising out of abrupt changes to the log volume. Updates to the device or application binary can include configuration changes that allow developers to adjust the telemetry rate upwards or downwards for the population of client devices that receive the update. In this manner, the described techniques enable configurable telemetry even when a subset of devices do not receive updates.

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Creative Commons License
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