Lead enrichment - enhancing or augmenting existing marketing lead data with additional information - helps improve targeting and personalization in marketing campaigns. Lead enrichment involves augmenting data using third-party databases to enrich existing lead profiles, which when performed manually has a long turnaround time due to the requirement of substantial manual effort. This disclosure describes techniques that automate the lead enrichment process by extracting data from third-party databases by querying such databases via appropriate application programming interface (API) calls that specify the available lead information. The databases can be accessed based on user-specified priority and complete/partial enrichment achieved by use of an advanced machine model/ large language model in matching leads and retrieving data. The techniques can automatically enrich a substantial portion of lead enrichment requests and perform partial enrichment for additional requests, thus enabling reduction in manual effort. Complementary contacts for a specific lead can also be identified through generative artificial intelligence (Gen AI). Automation of lead enrichment as described herein can improve efficiency of manual processes and also achieve high accuracy.

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Creative Commons License
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