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Creating a better healthcare “system” that allows people to leverage medical expertise from around the world in a 24/7 environment in their preferred language is a benefit for all. Leveraging the Metaverse to create a ‘virtual hospital” would provide remote diagnosis by the world’s leading experts in a variety of fields. Serving as a platform for adopting AI (Artificial Intelligence) systems for disease diagnosis and prognosis. ‘Virtual hospitals” could lead to 24/7 assistance, it would be difficult to find specialists sometimes, to have better medical diagnosis by remote support, to have a remote assistant for any diseases (rare or common). The idea proposed defines a complete workflow as shown in Figure 2 that automatically diagnoses disease with the assistance of AI in Metaverse using VR/MR/XR (Virtual Reality/Mixed Reality/Extended Reality) with data obtained from “Physical Medical Testing Centers”. The medical testing details or diagnostic information obtained from “Physical Medical Testing Centers” is transferred to “Virtual hospital” where specialists are selected for further treatment and consultation based on specialists’ ratings, specific disease expertise and then secure instant diagnosis. A virtual environment is developed that simulates a hospital as if we were with the specialist, VR system where patients can get medical diagnosis, a place to look for open medical opinion, there is virtual room with the doctor to meet each other, the idea proposed would simplify the process of bringing healthcare to the patient, keep the patient or the doctor/nurse safe in VR, allows doctor to speak the same language as the patient with translation that sounds real for more personalized experience.

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