This publication describes improved foldable display structures with multi‑layer coatings and planarization that improve lamination quality and visual perception. In aspects, a foldable display structure includes an ultra‑thin glass (UTG) layer, at least two first resin layers, a black matrix (BM) coating, and at least one second resin layer. The UTG layer includes a center portion that forms a valley structure and defines a folding area. The at least two first resin layers are separately disposed, cured, and planarized on a top surface of the center thin glass portion. The separate disposal, curing, and planarization of the first resin layers reduce resin overflow out of the valley structure, which improves visual perception. The BM coating is disposed on and adheres more securely to the planarized surface. The at least one second resin layer is disposed and cured on a top surface of the BM coating, which enhances resistance to peeling and damage of the BM coating.

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Creative Commons License
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