The present disclosure relates to a method and a system for integrating stored value wallets with a Visa Instalments Service (VIS). The present disclosure suggests uploading a Bank Identification Number (BIN) file including BINs eligible for an Equated Monthly Installment (EMI) payment and creating specific plans associated with the uploaded BINs. Thereafter, a cardholder selects a digital wallet which includes a stored value wallet for payment during the checkout process on an electronic commerce (e-commerce) merchant website or a mobile application. Once the selection process is successful, the present disclosure suggests initiating a VIS Application Program Interface (API) to facilitate comprehensive data exchange, wherein data includes, without limited to, primary account number, purchase amount, and wallet amount. After the initiation of the VIS API, the present disclosure suggests determining the best savings EMI plan by combining the VIS API data with an issuer server data. Subsequently, offering/presenting the determined EMI plan along with a suggested down-payment option to the cardholder. Further, the cardholder may actively select the offered EMI plan and proceed to finalize the financial transaction.

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Creative Commons License
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