Cloud computing services provide multilingual software development kits (SDK) to enable customers to interact with the cloud service. Testing the SDK in all of the multiple languages entails an expensive replication of software effort. This disclosure describes a unified test suite, operable in a single language, capable of testing multi-language SDKs. Protocol buffers are used to define a language agnostic interface. Standard tools translate protobufs to SDK languages. Test cases written in a single language interact with the language agnostic interface, rather than directly with the client SDK. A thin adapter layer adapts the protobufs into the corresponding SDK interface, which interacts with the backend of the cloud product. The client SDK is used, effectively, as a backend service, enabling the creation of a single test suite that can be used across SDKs implemented in multiple languages. An efficient, economical test/product-release cycle is thus enabled, with consistent quality across languages.

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Creative Commons License
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