Techniques are described for experiment frameworks around server-side rendering of native advertising content for presentation within an application environment. As described, a server receives a request, from a client device, for content that includes a content slot identifier. The server, using the content slot identifier, accesses a database to identify a presentation schema used to arrange content components and generates rendered content files according to a specific configuration for display within the environment of the resource. The server renders the content components based on the identified presentation schema and transmits the rendered content to the client device for display within the content slot of the resource. To run experiments, multiple versions of the content components and/or specific configuration parameters are used as “styles,” such that a single instance of advertising content may be presented in multiple different styles. Advertising feedback, e.g., in the form of click through statistics, conversion attributions, etc., is then used to compare the different styles and identify styles for further use.

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Creative Commons License
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