Access points (APs) for a wireless local area network (WLAN) can discover a wireless LAN controller (WLC) address (in order to establish a management session with the WLC) through a variety of mechanisms, such as Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) option 43 mechanisms, Domain Name System (DNS) server mechanisms, and Layer 2 (L2) broadcast discovery mechanisms. The DHCP discovery mechanism is the most commonly used mechanism for WLC discovery but is a laborious and manual task that may be prone to errors. Techniques proposed herein provide an easy to use, stateful, and reliable mechanism through which an AP can discover a WLC by leveraging a DHCP relay agent that can forward DHCP packets between clients and servers. The techniques involve various functionalities including, but not limited to, a stateful process that can be used to measure reachability and latency to each configured WLC Internet Protocol (IP) address, the creation of an updated priority list of WLC IP addresses based on network latency, and the inline insertion of the list of WLC IP addresses in the DHCP exchange between a server and AP.

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