This disclosure describes techniques that provide visual indication of excessive strain on elastomeric materials. Per techniques of this disclosure, smart materials are integrated into elastomeric and/or polymeric components of a device. The smart materials enable detecting and quantifying the applied strain, leading to activation of a visual indicator. A smart material such as a mechano chromophore is applied as a coating or is embedded in the core material. Mechano chromophores undergo reversible structural transformation under conditions of strain and can be used as a visible sensing material through changes in color. The smart materials can be customized to achieve threshold strain/stress characteristics based on desired consumer usage conditions and design/reliability specifications. Devices are designed such that users are alerted to excessive strain (usage stress) imposed on elastomer components. The alerts enable users to modify their usage patterns in accordance with limitations of the device component. Integration of smart materials can enhance longevity of the components, as well as the device itself.

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Creative Commons License
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