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When buying goods and services, users can pay by taking an explicit action to trigger a digital wallet application on their device, which adds friction to the user experience (UX). This disclosure describes techniques, implemented with user permission, to invoke a digital wallet application automatically when a user is about to make a payment. The digital wallet application is invoked just prior to payment based on the user’s spatiotemporal context determined based on data from device sensors. Sensor data are polled, time-aligned, and represented in a fixed array. Sensor patching is performed by creating a slided-box dataset with range normalization. A linear projection of the patches is provided to a transformer encoder and a fully-connected network is appended on top of the feature layer of the encoder, which outputs whether the digital wallet application is to be automatically triggered based on the spatiotemporal context. The digital wallet application is triggered automatically based on the output, thus providing a seamless user experience and providing a faster payment experience.

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Creative Commons License
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