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This public disclosure discloses a novel reactor design specifically engineered for the controlled chemical reaction between aluminum and water in the presence of gallium, resulting in the generation of hydrogen gas and aluminum oxide. To address the inherent challenges of gallium-induced corrosion, all reactor components are constructed from non-metallic materials. A central feature of this reactor design is a mechanical stirrer strategically positioned at the core, effectively pushing the gallium towards the reactor's perimeter through centrifugal forces. This motion ensures the continuous and uniform mixing of aluminum, water, and gallium, facilitating the desired chemical reaction. Additionally, a specialized mechanism, represented as a "straw," is integrated into the reactor's central region and connected to the stirrer, efficiently extracting the produced aluminum oxide from the reaction mixture and placing it into a separate container for aluminum oxide. Aluminum and water outlets are positioned to deposit aluminum and water to the periphery of the reactor chamber, where the gallium is located. A gallium outlet allows for the replenishment of the gallium inside of the reactor. The Hydrogen produced from the reaction is directed towards a hydrogen fuel cell where it combines with outside air to produce water and electricity. The water is then redirected back into the reactor chamber. A heater element ensures optimal temperature for the reaction to take place. The reactor design presented herein offers a corrosion-resistant, efficient, and controllable system for the production of hydrogen gas and aluminum oxide for use in energy systems.

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