This disclosure describes straps and bands that include flexible batteries for wearable devices such as smartwatches or headsets. The flexible batteries, e.g., surface mount device (SMD) type batteries, can power chipsets that provide added functionality to the straps and bands. SMD type batteries can be mounted on a flexible PCB to provide power to one or more chipsets also mounted on the flexible PCB. Rigid PCBs and chipset(s) can be mounted on the clasp portion of the wristband, which can also be powered by one or more SMD type batteries. A combination of flexible PCB, rigid PCB, and SMD-type batteries can be used in various applications. The specific number and configuration can be tailored to specific wristband designs. Multiple designs of wristbands can be realized by choosing appropriate sizes of SMD-type batteries and by utilizing different patterns of flexible and rigid PCB.

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Creative Commons License
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