This disclosure describes a battery pack/module for wearable headsets that includes enhanced thermal features to provide efficient thermal management during operation. Thermal barriers are engineered to provide low through-plane thermal conductivity as well as high in-plane thermal conductivity. The thermal barrier can be attached to one or multiple surfaces of the battery cell, provided as a continuous or partial coating, or be formed into a battery tray or enclosure. Materials used can include polymers or filled polymer composites, polymers, polymers with pores, or composites with pores, and layered composites such as laminates with multiple layers. Materials are selected that have a low through-plane thermal conductivity. Passive thermal management solutions can be added to the battery packs. The passive thermal management solutions can include phase change materials and vapor chamber and can be provided as an attachment to the battery cell, or as a potting material that is gap filled into the battery pack.

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Creative Commons License
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