The present disclosure provides a method for redeeming issuer reward currency. Initially consumer books travel and logs into issuer application. The present disclosure calls Card Eligibility Service (CES) by sending cardholder travel information to check for eligible lounges. The CES pulls all lounges in airport and checks if cardholder is eligible for any of the lounges. The CES returns the cardholder list of lounges eligibility information and redemption limits and prices. The present disclosure offers to purchase additional guests for the lounge using points. The present disclosure calls CES and Pay with Points APIs to purchase additional guest access using points for the lounge. A payment processing system will provide CES and Pay with Points APIs for clients, to redeem points and purchase lounge access or other benefits in advance. The CES new API calls Pay with Points to deduct points. The CES updates the redemption ledger, to add additional purchased guests.

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Creative Commons License
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