A major healthcare cost is the lack of strict adherence to, or outright non-compliance with, medicines and medical schedule by patients. The techniques disclosed herein assist patients by automatically performing routine healthcare-related tasks, e.g., reminding patients to take medications at appropriate times; ordering prescription refills at pharmacies; scheduling and managing medical appointments; tracking and charting their vital statistics, e.g., blood glucose, blood pressure, heart rate, etc.; asking for and logging patient symptoms, etc. The virtual personal assistant uses a machine learning model to adapt itself to the particulars of the patient. The virtual personal assistant may interface with the patient in one or more ways, e.g., using a voice-interface, a touchscreen-based graphical user interface, etc. Caregivers can advantageously use techniques described herein to better manage a patient’s health. In this manner, the patient enjoys a better quality of life and faces better health outcomes with reduced healthcare costs.

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Creative Commons License
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