Sigurd Klasson


In collaborative workspaces, such as meeting rooms, it is desirable to optimize the direction of audio pickups (referred to herein interchangeably as 'beams') and also camera cropping to be focused on the location of a participant that is currently speaking during a collaborative session. Such optimizations are typically performed using audio triangulation techniques based on a speaker that is actively speaking during a meeting. However, when the audio in a meeting room is muted, it can be difficult to direct room cameras toward a meeting participant that desires to speak, as the audio triangulation techniques may be limited when no participant is actively speaking. Presented herein are techniques through which the delay in focusing audio beams and camera cropping can be optimized and shortened by deploying multiple mute buttons throughout a meeting room such that, when a meeting participant triggers a particular mute button in order to speak, audio beams and camera cropping can quickly be focused on the participant based at least in part on the location of the particular mute button within the room.

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Creative Commons License
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