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When multiple devices within a household or other location have same or similar names, it can be difficult for users to identify devices uniquely, e.g., for transferring files, or other device-to-device actions. Further, while users can include their name in the device name, some users may prefer to not disclose their names or may have multiple devices where such naming does not address the device identification problem. This disclosure describes the use of a large language model (LLM) or other type of generative artificial intelligence (gen AI) to automatically generate device names. The user of a device can provide input, e.g., emoji or text selection, to guide the name generation. The user can select a device name from LLM-generated candidate names or can modify it per their preference. In this manner, by dynamically generating device names, device name collisions are avoided while also protecting user privacy. The automatically generated names enable users to personalize their devices.

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Creative Commons License
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