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Image grids, e.g., of photo thumbnails in a user interface, typically include unicolor (e.g., white or gray) gridlines for visually separating each thumbnail from its neighbors. This disclosure describes techniques to use image inpainting techniques to provide photo browsing user interfaces that provide an immersive, holistic viewing experience. The gridlines are inpainted by the application of generative artificial intelligence (AI) techniques. The entire N x M grid of thumbnails is divided into K local spaces. Generative inpainting of gridlines can be performed by considering the set of images within a given local space together with the previously inpainted edge of the space with the local space adjacent to it. A diffusion mask includes the rectangular boundaries of the thumbnails within the local space and any previously generated inpainted edge with an adjacent local space. The inpainting process can be repeated for groups of images until the entire grid is processed.

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Creative Commons License
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