High display power consumption can lead to reduced battery life and/or device overheating. While reducing display brightness can mitigate these issues, lower brightness can make the displayed content harder for a user to view and reduces the quality of user experience. This disclosure describes techniques that enable specifying precise power budgets for an electronic device with emissive or non-emissive display. The precise power budgeting optimizes power consumption while maintaining display and visibility. Per the techniques, the power consumption of a display is determined in real time and the display brightness is dynamically adjusted to keep display power usage within a desired power budget. The power budget is adjusted based on the device temperature to ensure that the device operates within safe thermal limits. For non-emissive displays, an image gain factor can be used to recoup at least a portion of the final lost image luminance when backlight power is reduced. A feedback controller is used to maintain smooth brightness transitions as the display power consumption changes, and to determine acceptable quality loss under the current viewing conditions.

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Creative Commons License
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