Antonio Carugati


Techniques are presented herein that leverage the reality that many optical link installations could safely operate even with a reduced transmission optical power level. Aspects of the presented techniques offer a new optical transceiver feature (which may be referred to herein as an 'Eco Mode') in which a module may be set to work with a lower transmission power level. Under such an approach, at least one extra power level is allowed beyond (i.e., in addition to) an existing nominal power level. Through an Eco Mode option, a 100 gigabits per second (G) transceiver that is deployed in a Quad Small Form-factor Pluggable (QSFP) arrangement may realize a power savings of between 10% to 25%, which number grows significantly when considering a full deployment (comprising many pluggable devices) and all of the associated implications such as heat dissipation, fan speeds, etc. (thus triggering a circular energy sustainability recovery).

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Creative Commons License
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