Semantic textures are labels associated with objects or regions in a scene, map, or video, and they enable the accurate interpretation of geospatial content. Auto-generated semantic textures frequently include mislabeled regions, e.g., water labeled as ground (and vice-versa). This disclosure describes techniques to enable the touching-up (correcting of semantic labels) of two- or three-dimensional maps, scenes, or videos such that the touch-ups precisely correspond to real-world locations. Touch-up edits can be executed by painting over existing semantic textures using lat-long-centered, touch-up texture tiles as paint brushes within a photo-editing software. The parameters of the touch-up tile, e.g., its resolution, its semantic label (e.g., water, ground, etc.), etc., can be set such that the user has a granular control over the refinement of semantic textures. The mislabeling of ground as water (and vice-versa), an error often found in auto-generated semantic textures, can be corrected or eliminated.

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Creative Commons License
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