Quick response (QR) code based payment transactions are popular. A common way to initiate receipt of payment is for a merchant to display their QR code on a screen of a payment device, e.g., a point of sale (PoS) system, a smartphone, or other device. However, certain merchants, e.g., push-cart vendors, food trucks, etc., may not have a dedicated PoS system, and instead, rely on a personal smartphone to receive QR-code initiated payments. To receive payments, the owner needs to manually operate the smartphone to display their QR code. This disclosure describes techniques that, with user permission, automatically determine the context of a business owner based on data from device sensors and detect payment intent. Upon detection of payment intent, an appropriate QR code is automatically displayed on the user’s smartphone, e.g., by temporarily changing the device wallpaper and/or lock screen. Further, AI-generated QR codes can be used as device wallpapers to facilitate payment.

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Creative Commons License
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