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To avoid the internet security concern, the free spectrum users need to have a lot of the security behavior to avoid the internet attack such like to use VPN or other protocol authorization such like to use Bluetooth authorization for the WiFi connection in ISM band. The way to use these method will increase the users effort by increasing extra time for these activities for example the steps below:

(1) User link to the company WiFi and link to the enterprise website

(2) Connection to the login website (5 seconds)

(3) Link to the cell phone (2-3 seconds)

(4) Turn on the cell phone app and push the switch bottom (3 seconds)

(5) Both cell phone and computer run the authorization process (2-3seconds)

(6) Cell phone shows certified then computer side show certified (1-2 seconds)

(7) Computer pass the authorization and can use the enterprise website

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Creative Commons License
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