Image storage and sharing services permit users to store and share images. Such applications typically organize images chronologically. However, chronological organization fails if the timestamp or location information stored in the image metadata (e.g., EXIF) is incorrect. Incorrect information is a common problem, e.g., when images are shared via messaging or social media, the shared image may have the time of sharing, not the time of capture. In another example, geolocation data may be deleted when an image is shared. Further, image timestamps can be inaccurate when multiple users contribute images to a single shared album from cameras that are not time synchronized. This disclosure describes techniques to determine the time and/or location of image capture by evaluating the image in the context of other images. Images with trustworthy time information are identified. Images with less trustworthy information are analyzed for content, and a determination is made as to whether they are ahead or behind a trustworthy image. In this manner, techniques of this disclosure enable chronological ordering of images.

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Creative Commons License
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