Serviceability of networking equipment in a data center rack is a problem when the rack includes a busbar running down the center. Access to the rear portion of the equipment, e.g., fans, power supplies, etc., which is necessary for serviceability, can be obstructed by a standard busbar. This disclosure describes a side mounted busbar for data center racks. The busbar is designed to distribute power to all networking gear in the rack, as well as other equipment, while maintaining full serviceability. For a portion of the rack, the busbar runs down the center. For the remainder of the height of the rack, the busbar is mounted on the side of the rack. The busbar includes these two sections that are connected using copper links and a protective cover. A stiffener is included to provide structural support and rigidity to the assembly. The bottom portion of the busbar can be utilized for standard ORV3 power and battery backup unit (BBU) connections, while the side portion of the busbar can be utilized for networking gear connections. A keyed busbar connector is available that includes a retention latch system.

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