Chats with a business entity typically include a welcome message that introduces the entity and sets the tone for the conversation. A well-written welcome message can improve customer satisfaction and can lead to improved outcomes such as higher sales. However, drafting customized welcome messages on an ongoing basis can be time consuming and is a creative challenge. This disclosure describes techniques to automatically generate suggestions for welcome messages using suitable artificial intelligence techniques, such as generative AI models. The generated suggestions are presented to entities such as businesses/merchants that implement online chat functionality. The suggestions are customized for each entity and take into account data about the entity such as current inventory, new merchandise, offers, etc. and contextual factors such as date, time, etc. Updated data about a business may be provided by the business or may be obtained automatically, e.g., by a search engine or large language model (LLM) that analyzes the business website or app, or other data sources about the business. The model may be tuned to include specific kinds of information in the output generated messages.

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Creative Commons License
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