This disclosure describes techniques to enable users to touchlessly zoom in and out content displayed on a mobile device with a screen. Per the techniques, the zoom level is made dependent on the distance between the screen and the user’s eyes. For example, as a user moves their device away from their eyes, the view on the screen zooms out (decreases magnification) such that a larger field of content is encompassed within the screen. As the user moves the device towards their eyes, the view on the screen zooms in (increases magnification) to specific portions of the content, such that the details of a particular object of interest on the screen are more clearly visible. The techniques enable users to naturally navigate displayed content by keeping their device at an arm’s distance, and to examine a particular object of interest by bringing their device closer. Using the distance of the phone relative to the user's eye as a signal to automatically toggle between screen magnification levels enables effortless browsing. Multiple levels of magnification (or continuous magnification) can be used for different types of content.

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Creative Commons License
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