This disclosure provides for a method for tracking and reporting streams and pods in video advertising inventory sharing. The present disclosure can provide for enhanced visibility into inventory allocation. The enhanced visibility can include populating data structures with various dimensions associated with video content streams. The data structures can be obtained by an inventory share pipeline. The inventory share pipeline can aggregate data associated with various advertisement slots to generate an output data structure comprising an inventory share report. The inventory share report can include a stream count and a pod count associated with the respective party of the inventory share agreement. For instance, the partner and the host can visualize a number of streams (e.g., continuous video content stream) or pod count (e.g., a number of advertisement pods within a stream) that were allocated to the respective party. Thus, the parties are provided with a more granular view of how the percentage of content slots were distributed (e.g., by stream or pod opposed to a percentage of the entire available content slots).

Additionally, the present disclosure provides for a new definition of inventory share opportunity. Unlike existing methods that determine a rough estimate of inventory share opportunities based on measured advertisement impressions, the present disclosure provides for a temporally based measure of inventory shares. For instance, the present disclosure utilizes a predetermined standard duration of an opportunity and divides pods based on the temporal duration to determine a number of inventory share opportunities.

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Creative Commons License
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