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An interactive assistant, referred to herein as “an interactive assistant,” “a virtual assistant,” or simply an “assistant,” may be configured to index, cluster, and/or summarize interaction history information based on interactions with one or more users over time. For example, an interactive assistant may accept queries from these users, search interaction history information, and provide summaries of prior interactions (e.g., via audible output, output in a browser or other viewable window, output in a messaging application communicating with the assistant, etc.) between the interactive assistant and the users based on one or more criteria specified by these queries. In some cases, the interactive assistant may provide summaries of topics of categories (e.g., dining, entertainment, games, unit conversions, television controls, biographies) associated with prior user interactions with the assistant (e.g., over all time or over a specified time period), and the user may optionally drill down to obtain further detailed information about the prior interactions in these topics or categories. In such fashion, the interactive assistant can search the interaction history information and provide a summarization of portions of the history that may be relevant to queries, including not only keywords but also topics and concepts that may be of interest to users of the interactive assistant.

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Creative Commons License
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