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If a web page that a user attempts to access is unreachable, web browsers display the 404 page not found error. There are other ways to retrieve such content, e.g., from a local browser cache, a search engine cache, from the Internet Archive, by conducting a search using keywords that match the web page, etc. This disclosure describes a web browser that, with user permission, automates the process of accessing web content that returns a 404 not found error. The user can specify their preferences of what action to perform upon such an error, e.g., retrieve from cache, retrieve from a web archive, perform a search, etc. to attempt to reach the web content that is not found. The automatically retrieved content is displayed to the user instead of the 404 error code, with an indication that the original page is unreachable and specifying the source of the displayed content as a cache, archive, or search result.

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Creative Commons License
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