The present disclosure relates to unique designs of cards for easy picking a desired card among multiple cards kept in a wallet or a card holding pouch. In the proposed card designs, the card is designed to include a notch attached to the card with the help of an attachment mechanism. The notch is configured to open to a maximum of 90o from a closed position and in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction. The proposed card designs facilitate users to easily distinguish credit and debit cards (e.g., depending on direction of opening of the notches), distinguish among different cards belonging to the different card issuer (e.g., depending on the colour/pattern of the notches), distinguish multiple cards belonging to the same card issuer (e.g., depending on the positions/locations of the notches), without even parsing through all the payment cards kept in the wallet or the card holding pouch. Thus, the user carrying different cards in the wallet or the pouch, may easily pick a required card by tilting the wallet to a side so that the notches open up and the user may easily pick the card by looking at the opened notches.

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Creative Commons License
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