In traditional polymer organic light emitting diode (P-OLED) displays, electrostatic charge buildup can occur near the edge of the display, leading to abnormalities such as green flashes, vertical crosstalk, or a greenish display. To mitigate this problem, a discharge path is established to release electrostatic charges by using silver dotting on the edge of the display that connects to a conductive black matrix and provides a grounding path. However, for foldable displays, the silver dotting can crack due to the movement and sliding of different layers as the device is folded and unfolded, causing disconnection from ground. This disclosure describes a foldable display that implements an electrostatic discharge path as a grounding mechanism to avoid electrostatic charge accumulation at the edge of the display. The grounding design includes silver printing on the trim area of the device that is linked to a conductive pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) to release the electrostatic charge via the device enclosure.

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